Our buffets

We offer buffets for groups. For lunch we can arrange you a delicious bread buffet, ideal for meetings.
For dinner we can offer your group a custom menu or a deluxe buffet.

Bread buffet standard

€19,50 per person
Veluws bread | white, whole wheat & brown
Bread rolls | white & brown
Sweet bread | sugar loaf & rye bread
Young farmers cheese
Cumin cheese
Chocolate sprinkles
Home made jams
Orange juice

Bread buffet dLB

€28,00 per person
Veluws bread | white, whole wheat & brown
Bread rolls | white, brown & croissants
Sweet bread | sugar loaf, rye bread, gingerbread & Notelaer
Young farmers cheese
Cumin cheese
Local cheese
Smoked beef
Deluxe dried ham
Seasonal soup
Poultry Ragout
Salads & green salad
Vitello Tonato with tuna mayonaise
Fruit salad
Milk & Buttermilk
Orange juice

Standard buffet

€39,75 per person
Kale salad with curry
Freerange egg salad with chicken and celery
Salad Niçoise, haricoverts, poached bell pepper, tuna
Green salad
Dried ham with melon
Salmon marinated in citrus
Marinated herring with yoghurt en dill
Norwegian prawns with cocktail sauce
Sourdough bread, butter, herb butter, aioli, tapenade
Stew dish with pickled onion and bell pepper
Caramelized ham with mustard sauce
Marinated chicken wings with potato gratin
Salmon fillet with see food sauce and vegetable risotto
Omelet Siberiënne (ice cream pie) with warm forest fruits and chocolate sauce
Chocolate mousse with passionfruit gel
Vanilla crème brûlée
Longeurs and pies

You can add more dishes to your buffet.

Choose from many dishes.

Buffet extensions

prices per person per dish
Extention: Soup
€ 4,50 per person per dish
Porcini mushroom soup
Extention: Cold buffet
€ 3,50 per person per dish
Beef Carpaccio, Olde Remeker and rocket lettuce
Vitello Tonato, tuna mayonaise, poached bell pepper and capers
Caprese salad
Extention: Cold buffet
€ 6,50 per person per dish
Dutch Prawn cocktail with Granny Smith
Surf & Turf, thinly sliced MRY beef with prawns and asian marinade
Green salad with grilled prawns
Smoked duck breast with orange and hoisin
Goose liver mousse with caramelized apple
Extention: Hot buffet
€ 7,50 per person per dish
Marinated beef tips with sesame
MRY entrecote from the Green Egg with truffle gravy
Gaasterlands pork fillet, coconut, peanut, lime
Extention: Hot buffet
€ 3,50 per person per dish
Vegetable ratatouille
Fried potatoes with onion and bacon
Potato pie
Glazed carrots or red beet with onion and apple
Extention: Desert
€ 3,50 per person per dish
Apfelstrudel (seasonal)
Fresh fruit salade
Forest fruit Bavarois
Fresh waffle with amarena cherries
Red fruit pie (seasonal)
Whipped cream profiterole with chocolate
Extention: Desert
€ 6,50 per person per dish
Local cheese with
nut/raisen bread, apple butter, honey comb
Reserveer gemakkelijk en direct uw tafel voor lunch of diner.
Reserveer zonder moeite een of meerdere kamers.
Wij zijn even gesloten van 22 juli t/m 8 augustus
Vrijdag 9 augustus staan wij weer voor u klaar
We are closed from 22nd of July till the 8th of August
We open again Friday the 9th of August

Vanaf 1 juni 2020 - 12.00 uur is reserveren voor het restaurant weer mogelijk!

Reserveren kan alleen telefonisch voor:
Lunch - 12.00-13.15 uur of vanaf 13.30 uur
Diner - 16.30-19.15 uur of vanaf 19.30 uur

Voor het terras is reserveren niet mogelijk, omdat we geen plaats binnen kunnen garanderen als het slecht weer wordt.

Het hotel blijft geopend. We werken uiteraard volgens de laatste richtlijnen van het RIVM.

We zien er naar uit om u weer te verwelkomen in ons gezellige restaurant of op ons mooie terras!

Reserveren voor het restaurant
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