Codfish lasagna

carrot | zucchini | leek | dill | bechamel sauce

Scallop tart

avocado | tomato dressing | Granny Smith | puff pastry

Trio of duck 

breast | leg | rilette croquette ball

coriander | sesame

Marinated tenderloin

black garlic| cheese chip | bell pepper

Couscous salad 

goat cheese | grilled plumb | rosemary | nutmix

In between courses

Yellow bell pepper soup

orange | coconut milk


Quail rouleau

caramalized goose liver | Dutch cherries | potato mousseline



beetroot salad | apple | pickle | chive


Main courses

North Sea sale fish ±450 gr.*

whole fish, non-filleted

colored carrot | cauliflower | beurre noisette

*= surcharge €15,-
Also possible to order seperately: €45,-


Fried Dutch trout

spelt | samphire | oriental spices | passion fruit


Grilled veal cutlet

chimichurri | green asparagus | ratatouille | veal gravy


Dutch entrecote, dry aged*   

multiple preparations of shallot

*= surcharge €5,-


Sweet potato rösti 

ricotta | grilled vegetables | mustard foam

Stuffed rouleau of free range chicken

forest mushrooms | parsnip cream | porchini mushrooms

Also possible to order separately: €18,75


Red grape

Meadowsweet | chocolate | crumble



black licorice | pistachio | sponge cake


Pina Colada

Coconut | pineapple | rum


Dessert parade*

a plate with all our 3 desserts to share

minimum of 2 persons to order, surcharge € 2,75 p.p.

Do you have an allergy?

Please inform you waiter before ordering. 

For the enthusiast

Cheese selection* 

Farmmade pear butter | dates | figbread


*= also possible instead of dessert, surcharge € 3,00

Coffee with sweets

3 sweets with a cup of tea, coffee, cappuccino and latte macchiato


Selection menu

Choose from the dishes below.

2 course menu

starter or dessert + main course


3 course menu

starter + main course + dessert


4 course menu

starter + in between course + main course + dessert


5 course menu

starter + in between course + in between course + main course + dessert


Wine & Dinner

Make the most of your culinary night with complementing wine for each course.

Your waiter can pair the perfect wine for each dish.

Choose how many courses you would like to pair with our wine recommendation.

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