Softly cooked halibut 

sepia | dried tomato | basil cream 


Scallop & gooseliver*

foam of caramelized truffle | pistachio | apple marshmallow 

*= surcharge €3,00


Corned veal cheek 

apple | pickle | pickled onion | chive | yolk cream | potato 


Coppa di Parma 

long stemmed mushrooms | aceto balsamic | grilled mini asparagus


Blini of carrot

cumin | croutons | hummus | chervil

In-between courses

Multiple preparations of crab

crab cake | crab meat | foam of crab | avocado 


Lightly smoked suckling pig

Jerusalem artichoke | shiitake | chorizo gravy


Foamy parsnip soup

fried bacon | thyme

Main courses

Fried sea bass 

sesame | pakchoi | soja bean | miso sauce


Skin fried salmon 

spinach | purple cauliflower | garlic | watercress sauce 


Guineafowl fillet 

polenta | Parmesan | bell pepper cream | ras el hanout gravy 


MRIJ dry aged entrecote*

pumpkin | onion chip | shallot cream | quiche | vadouvan gravy 

*= surcharge €5,-


Grilled veal tenderloin 

tagliatelle of mushroom | morilles | parsnip 


Green curry of coconut 

tomato | kohlrabi | coriander | black rice



Snicker dLB

chocolate | peanut | caramel | sea salt


Tangerine dessert

blood orange | dulche de leche | marshmallow | white chocolate


Pandan passionfruit parade 

spekkoek | cotton candy | popcorn 


Dessert tasting*

a tasting of our desserts

minimum of 2 persons, surcharge €2,75 p.p.

Do you or one of your guest have an allergy or special diet?

Please let us know beforehand.

For the enthusiast

Selection of cheeses* 

Syrup of pear | dates | figbread


*= also possible instead of dessert, surcharge € 3,00

Coffee with delicacies

3 kinds of delicacies, choose from cappuccino, coffee and latte macchiato


Selection menu

Choose from the dishes below.

2 course menu

starter or dessert + main course


3 course menu

starter + main course + dessert


4 course menu

starter + in between course + main course + dessert


5 course menu

starter + in between course + in between course + main course + dessert


Wine & Dinner

Make the most of your culinary night with complementing wine for each course.

Your waiter can pair the perfect wine for each dish.

Choose how many courses you would like to pair with our wine recommendation.

view our menu list >

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We are on holiday! Our whole team welcomes you again on Saturday the 5th of January