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Middle of the Netherlands

Located in the centre of the Netherlands, Lunteren is just 2km from the Lunterse Boer. Lunteren is known for the Lindeboomsberg with its large boulder that is the centre of the Netherlands. Right between the four corners of the Netherlands. Those are Rottemmeroog, (NO), St Anna Ter Muiden (SW), Terschelling (NW) and the Drielandenpunt near Vaals (SE). If you draw a line from NO to SW and you do the same from NW to SE and then draw a perpendicular from the centre of both lines, Lunteren lies exactly where those two perpendiculars cross. On 1 April 1980, the boulder was ‘hijacked’ by students from the Agricultural College in Wageningen and brought to Wageningen’s Market Square. A few weeks later, the boulder was recaptured by a Scout group from Lunteren and brought back to Lunteren, where it was cast in concrete to prevent its recurrence. The stone later cracked, and it was replaced in 2002. Since 2017, the centrepiece has been transformed into an impressive monument by Landscape Architect Michael van Gessel and Eric Blok.

De Veluwe

The Lunterse Boer is located in the beautiful Veluwe, one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands. More than worth exploring.

“Dusty sand, beautiful forests, vast heathlands, sheep herds and gently flowing streams…. That’s the Veluwe! But the Veluwe offers more! Top attractions, famous museums, historic towns, modern accommodation, culinary delights and plenty of opportunity to be active in the breathtakingly beautiful Veluwe countryside. The Veluwe stands for active, adventurous, relaxing and challenging. But also for tantalisingly delicious. And all that less than an hour’s drive from the Randstad. Come, discover and experience the Veluwe.”

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Nederlands Pluimveemuseum 

± 7.5 km – A unique museum where the history of chicken and egg is shown in a fascinating way. Here you will take a journey through the time of Dutch poultry farming. See an antique incubator still in operation and follow a chick as it hatches.

Nederlands Openluchtmuseum 

± 25 km – The Netherlands Open Air Museum in Arnhem captures history. They take you on a journey through time. From two centuries ago to very recently. The people at the museum seem to have stepped right out of the past. Proud of their heritage, they inspire you with their stories. 

Nederlands Tegelmuseum 

± 12 km – The Nederlands Tegelmuseum displays the largest and most versatile collection of Dutch wall tiles and tile tableaux from the late Middle Ages to contemporary ceramics.

Oude Ambachten & Speelgoedmuseum

± 15 km – Be taken back in time when there was no electricity and most labour was still done by hand. Over 160 different crafts and/or trades can be found. Besides the old crafts, there is also an impressive collection of old and antique toys. The exhibition halls feature changing exhibitions.

Kröller Müller

± 15 km – The Kröller-Müller Museum houses the second largest Van Gogh collection in the world: almost 90 paintings and over 180 drawings. In the Van Gogh Gallery, around 40 works by Vincent van Gogh are on display in changing arrangements. You will also see masterpieces by modern masters such as Claude Monet, Georges Seurat, Pablo Picasso and Piet Mondriaan.

Museum Oud-Lunteren

± 2 km – The intimate museum showcases the history of Lunteren and its immediate surroundings in its own unique way. From archaeology to a period room from grandmother’s time to contemporary (painting) art. In the exhibition room, you will find an exhibition including objects from the museum’s own rich depot. This exhibition changes 3 or 4 times a year. 

Paleis het Loo

± 34 km – The palace’s furnished rooms and halls show how the kings and Queens of the Netherlands lived and worked there for 300 years. The baroque gardens are symmetrically laid out according to 17th-century example and unique in the Netherlands! In the stables square are the Stables & Coach Houses, which were commissioned by Queen Wilhelmina. 

Museum Nairac

± 10 km – At Museum Nairac, you will discover stories of the past about the municipality of Barneveld and the Veluwe in a permanent exhibition. There are also temporary exhibitions at least three times a year. The basis of the museum is the archaeological collection of former mayor Nairac. 

Nature and animals

Park de Hoge Veluwe

± 17 km – The nature of De Hoge Veluwe National Park is overwhelming. The various old Veluwe landscapes alternate continuously; during your tour through the Park, you pass through deciduous, coniferous and mixed forests, as well as heathland (wet and dry), grassy plains and shifting sands. These landscapes are home to an unprecedented diversity of plant and animal species. From the rare fritillary to the imposing red deer, from the gentian blue to the lesser black salsify. The Park has more than 100 Red List species, such as the wheatear, the turnstone, the moor frog and the grass snake.

Het Pinetum

± 0 km – Located behind the Lunterse Boer, accessible via path next to our terrace. The pinetum de Dennenhorst is a conifer forest garden of about 6 hectares in Lunteren. It is special because there are many large and unusual conifers in a natural setting: Beautiful vistas with combinations of different growth forms and shades of green: It will change your view of conifers forever.

Ouwehands Dierenpark

± 23 km – In a world where the relationship between people and nature is under pressure, Ouwehands Dierenpark wants to stimulate admiration for nature, encourage people to think and act, and grow into a leading organisation in this field. Ouwehands Zoo aims to contribute to the objectives below.

Burgers Zoo

± 25 km – Dive into 8 million litres of water, go on an adventure in the indoor jungle and admire the vultures in our desert! Experience 45 hectares of wildlife at Burgers’ Zoo! Burgers’ Zoo distinguishes itself from other zoos by its eco-displays, where large-scale natural habitats have been recreated where the visitor can become part of nature and animals together.

Dierenpark Amersfoort

± 25 km – We are not just a zoo, we have a mission: to show everyone the beauty of animals! “We want to amaze children with the love of animals and nature in order to contribute to a positive attitude towards protecting nature.” As a zoo, we want to play an indispensable role when it comes to transmitting the beauty of animals to the new generations. By going outdoors, creating unforgettable memories among the animals and discovering the value of all large and small animals, we hope that today’s children will want to engage with the animals in the future in the Netherlands and far beyond.


± 32 km – A forest full of monkeys running loose, that’s Apenheul. In this beautiful, green zoo, more than half of the monkeys simply run free among the visitors. Apenheul is located in Apeldoorn, in the middle of nature on the Veluwe. It is less than an hour’s drive from Amsterdam! The pages below provide more information about our special zoo.


Our surroundings are beautiful, but those who want a day of shopping have more than enough choice. In Lunteren, Barneveld, Ede and Veenendaal it is shopping night on Friday. And these places are just a few minutes to 20 minutes’ drive from the Lunterse Boer. Would you like extensive shopping in a city? In about half an hour’s drive you are in Arnhem or Amersfoort with a wide range of shops to easily fill the day. Not in a hurry? A 45-minute drive will take you to Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands.

Would you like to combine shopping with some culture? During the summer holidays, Lunteren, Ede, Barneveld and Voorthuizen have a fair once a week. On Tuesdays in Ede and Voorthuizen, on Wednesdays in Lunteren, on Thursdays in Barneveld is the Old Veluwe market in summer. The last week of August it is Heideweek all week with the closing event on the last Saturday of August: ‘Oud Lunterse Dag‘. An old tradition with special parades, market, music and games. All of Lunteren is then dressed in traditional costume, peasant skins and clogs.


By taking a ride on an electric scooter, you can discover the beautiful surroundings easily and quickly. A day with family, friends, colleagues or business associates can become an unforgettable experience this way! A day on the scooter can be wonderfully combined with

with a snack and drink before or after. For example, with one of our specially compiled arrangements. Start with coffee and cake, combine it with a delicious lunch or choose to have dinner or drinks afterwards.

This way, all the ingredients are present for a special outing and a completely arranged day!


Scooters are easy to rent and you can always contact us for more information.

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